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healthcare, or abide by the rule and violate their religious conscience. now, it is worth noteing that when she sat on o the second circuit court of appeals, judge sotomayor ruled in favor of the religious rights of a muslim inmate who was denied a ramadan meal in prison. she was asked about that case and the religious liberty issue at her confirmation hearing. >> it is a very important and central part of our democratic society that we do give freedom of religion, of practice of religion, that the constitution restricts the establish -- the state from establishing a religion and that we have freedom of expression in speech as well. those freedoms are central to our constitution. >> laura: i agree and don't religious people who own o companies also religious rights? turns out as many feared the president's religious exemption to the contraception mandate is so narrow as to be meaningless. unless you you employ and serve only those of your same religious faith you don't receive an exemption. so under that standard, jesus himself would not qualify. the little sisters of the poor a saintly ord
of debt is healthcare costs and what i'm going to do is going to cure the problem. that's how he sold it i don't think he believed it then. i'm not sure he believes it now. >> just such a good segway because you don't even know that i have these things in my back pocket. [ laughter ] and because i didn't brief you before. >> this is like abbot and costello. >> bret: it really is. we'll end 2012. >> he have been doing the gig for so long don't have to communicate. >> bret: listen to the president talk about entitlements and when he talking to republicans. >> the major driver of our long-term liabilities, everybody here knows is medicare and medicaid and our healthcare spending. nothing comes close. social security we could probably fix the same way tipp o'neal and ronald reagan sat down together and they could figure something out, that is manageable. medicare and medicaid, massive problem down the road. that's where -- that's going to be what our children have to worry about. we're not going to be able to do anything about any of these entitlements if what we do is characterize whatever pr
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of the affordable care. >> it shouldn't be obamacare but obama healthcare tax. >> too broad of federal power. >> you left out of that rant "just like greece." >> the first time for attorney general to be held in contempt. >> this is issa with a political move. >> this will be a witch hunt. if you get more it's an intervention. >> the water just now breaching over the sand dunes. >> hurricane sandy, superstorm that meteorologists call a once in a lifetime occurrence. >> the whole coast has been devastated. >> the number of ambulances for people who showed up to move the children is remarkable. >> the loss is emotional and memories. loss comes in many forms. ♪ ♪ notice ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> greg: andrew breitbart died this morning at 43. publisher, activist and commentator. but that says nothing about this force of nature. he was a big kid who treated his opponents like humans. never about people. it was always about principles. >> the u.s. has just evacuated all personnel from benghazi to tripoli. >> this was a concerted effort, well organized. heavily armed. >> the american president and secretary
of public healthcare says that a single mother with two children is better off taking a job that pays $29,000 a year than a job that pays $69,000 a year. why? because of entitlements. joining us from our fox anchor stewio lou dobbs. explain this for us, please. we have got to give great credit to the public pennsylvania. i know then federal government as do you would listen. think abouigt these benefits being receiveded by this woman. 25,000 and take home salary of $57,000, you add to that go through whether it's child care or whether it is transportation. two children in pennsylvania. foot stamps amounts to a subsidy of $6,300 a year to that family of three. medicare and child health insurance. $16,500 a year. section 8 subsidized, low income rent. another 4300. s earned income tax credits. modestly $5,000. they could rismoe significantly beyond that but at any rate. they would total so much money, combined with the -- national school lunch m program, needy family assistance programs, we're talking about more take home pay, disposable income for that woman with her two children on publi
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)